What Is A Scribe?

A Scribe is an individual that works alongside a physician and in conjunction with other medical professionals to help complete an accurate and thorough medical record. A Scribe has a passion and desire to work in the medical profession and is usually pursuing an educational track consistent with a future in medicine. A Scribe must be hardworking, confident, honest and determined to be a valuable member of the patient care team.

What Does A Scribe Do?

  • Accompanies the physician into the examining room and transcribes the medical record.
  • Assists in ordering labs, imaging, medications, treatments plans, etc. per the request of the physician.
  • Records progress notes, consultation notes, procedures, and lab/radiologic results.
  • Completes the chart ensuring necessary items are available for proper billing and coding.

Benefits Of Being A Scribe

  • Flexible Schedule
  • Work with professionals in the medical community and appreciate the art of caring for patients.
  • Learn valuable medical information prior to attending Med School, PA School, Nursing School, etc.
  • Learn how to complete, interpret and understand an accurate and thorough medical record.
  • Gain confidence and experience in the medical setting working alongside the physician and patients…invaluable information for a future medical professional.